Intersex people in Pakistan

Intersex people in Pakistan
What is intersex? The first question pops in our head when we hear the word 'Intersex'. Believe me most people doesn’t even know about them and those who have some knowledge about intersex people, they don’t want to talk about them. Due to this behavior people confuse intersex people with transgender but in reality both are totally different. To understand Intersex people first we have to differentiate between transgender and intersex.
“Intersex is a condition in which a person is born with a sex that doesn’t fit the typical definitions of male or female due to genetic or hormonal differences”
“Transgender is a condition in which a person is born normal but he/she associate him/herself with opposite gender”
Why people treat intersex people disrespectfully? I think there are some reasons:
1.       We humans always fear ‘different’ or ‘new’ which doesn’t fit our social perceptions. Intersex people are different but we have to understand that God created them that way.
2.       People are ignorant on this topic and they want to remain ignorant. They need to know about intersex people. They should have basic information about them. Otherwise people will continue to mock intersex people as they are doing now.
3.       People who know about intersex people don’t want to talk about them due to our social behavior. They fear the kind of society we live in.
How many intersex people are there? There is one intersex in every 1500 births. Yes they are rare but they exist. In Pakistan we don’t know about their exact population because when they born two things happen:
1.       Parents disown their child and handed them to the local intersex communities and they ended up begging or dancing in local programs and people treat them inhumanly and disrespectfully.
2.       Parents own their child but they hide their identity from community and raise them as a boy or girl according to the condition they born with. They are among us and we don’t even know about them.
Intersex people are human. We have to stand up for their rights. They have a right to get education without being discriminated. In fact they should have same rights as every Pakistani citizen has. As we know “To start a conversation we need information otherwise we will be lost”. I hope that this information should be enough to at least understand intersex people.


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